Best DSLR camera 2017

When it comes to choosing the perfect camera for you, there are several preferences to take into consideration, and surely, there are many for everyone. But all in all, as per the current tendency the two biggest starts among camera types include the DSLR cameras and the Mirror less cams. What makes DSRL so unique? It’s three words:  manual control, interchangeable lenses and over-the-top photo quality.

The other feature which makes DSLR cams so attractive is the fact that these are the cheapest professional cameras on the market today, despite being just as high in quality as other types of cameras. Full-frame DSLR cams are great for nature photos, sports pictures and the photographing of any moving objects.

Before we forget, another feature making DSLR special is the viewfinder functionality, which other cams simply lack. Let’s see the biggest hits from among DSRL cameras in 2017.

Best DSRL cameras for new starters

Nikon D3300

best dlsr camera 2017 nikon d3300

If you are already familiar with the Nikon D3300 from several reviews of 2016 DSRL cameras you are not mistaken, this is the same model. The reason for that is clear and straightforward. This is a great quality device coming for a surprisingly low price (around USD 300 at the moment). And you get high quality, in return for this good price as well. The sharpness of the images ensured by the APS-C CMOS sensor, the 24,2 Megapixels, and the camera is very easy to handle which is another reason why this is just the perfect choice for new starters. The camera sports retractable lenses. This is a great buy as a start-up machine that’s easy to carry or travel with, and great quality photos are assured.

Canon EOS 752D

Canon EOS 752D best dslr camera 2017

Many know this great quality camera as Rebel T6 its other name is also widely used. The two features which make this machine stand out include the price to value ratio and the ease of use. This is a perfect cam for beginners to start exercising on how to take high-quality photos, without having to pay a sky-high price for it.

Best DSRL Cameras for hobby to intermediate photographers

Nikon D7200

d7200 nikon best dslr camera 2017

If you are looking for a high-quality camera and you don’t have a sky-high budget for it, then this versatile model is perfect for you. This Nikon is highly capable of delivering high-quality, high-resolution photographs in any and every situation.

Sporting an excellent resolution rate with its 24.4 MP the camera has an APS-C-CMPS sensor a quite fast continuous shooting speed with its 6 FPS and its 51 point autofocus raise this cam way above the average ones.  The only drawback of this machine is that its next version the D7500 is to be released very soon.

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Nikon D750

best dlsr camera 2017

This camera is very similar to the above-mentioned D810 but it has one distinctive feature: it’s a lot cheaper. While the resolution is lower than that of the 810, it’s 24.4 Megapixels still make up for great quality photographs.

The machine is compact, easy to carry and handle which is also why this is a good choice for the hobby photographers.  The autofocus is as sharp as ever with its 51 points, and the cam’s other outstanding feature lies in its ISO capabilities, which make the camera perfect for taking low-light photos.

The Best DSLR camera in 2017 for professional photographers

Canon EOS 5DS

canon eos 5ds best dslr camera 2017

This camera is perfect in basically every sense. It has all that a professional photographer can wish for. Featuring a whopping 50.6 Megapixels this is the highest resolution cam ever released on the market out of the full-frame DSRL cams. Other extensive features include a full-frame CMOS, its autofocus is 61 point AF, and its shooting speed is also outstanding with its 5fps. The movie recording capacity is quite large standing at 1080 p.

As for other significant capabilities, we can also enlist this camera’s anti-aliasing cancellation filter, and the image quality is just perfect. Some of the very few drawbacks, however, we can enlist the lack of WiFi, which is a bit weird in this day and age and the recording lacks Ultra HD. Other than that, this machine is virtually unbeatable when it comes to superb quality photos of any nature.

Nikon D810

nikon 810 best dslr camera 2017

This compact full frame CMOS camera is easy to handle and has other outstanding qualities, next to its near-excellent value-for-money price. With its 36, 3 Megapixels this Canon has a way higher resolution quality than most of the other cameras in its price range.

Other formidable features include an extra fast shooting speed with its five fps, an excellent autofocus (51 points AF) to focus on resolution quality, the makers of D810 decided that the machine should get rid of the anti-aliasing filter. All in all, this is a great camera, and it’s perfect for any professional photographers out there.

Best DSLR camera 2016

Here we are again, and this time around we would like to introduce you to some of the hottest picks of 2016. In fashion trends change all the time, and the world of photography is no exception from this rule either. In 2015, it was the premium compact type of DSLR cameras which took the palm. This kind of camera means a cam which is compact, small, easy to carry, easy to handle and still puts extra high-quality features on the table.

The best DSLR Camera 2016 in Premium Compact range

Sony RX100 V

sony rx100 best dslr camera

This is a further refined version of the worldwide popular RX100 which was the first real premium compact camera that has been released back in 2012. It seems the RX has virtually no rivals on the market. Not just pure quality paired up with its pocket-sized size, also its price for its quality which makes this machine so outstanding.

Some of the top features include the super high performance, a 315 phase detection autofocus pixels, super-high 4K resolution and color ratio. The front-end LSI chip, the 25 contrast detection AF system and its 24 frame/second burst rate all make this camera just outstanding. No wonder the RX100 is one fan favorite among both the new starters and the hobby photographers.

Panasonic LX10

panasonic lumix dmc lx10

The competition for releasing the best Premium Compact cam was very strong in 2016. This is exactly why Panasonic decided to release its super updated compact camera, which went into competition with the likes of the legendary RX100 and the extra developed G7X of Canon.

This cam is indeed so competitive that it’s very hard to distinguish quality-wise from the other two cameras. The features which make this camera stand out from the crowd include a 20 MP 1” type sensor paired up with 2,8, f/1.4  fast-built lens, super high photo quality, 4K resolution rate coupled with a fantastic 4K UHD video recording functionality and further photo modes.

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Canon G7X

canon g7x mark ll

Now, that we talked about it above, there is no way we don’t say a few words of this specialty cam, which is Canon’s reply for the RX100. This camera features excellent imaging qualities, works with a high-performance battery and processor and it’s f/1.8- 2.8 lenses make it perfect for taking photos just anywhere, anytime.

It’s not a just quality the G7X sports, it’s also the extra speedy performance, including burst performance and AF speed. The high ISO rate makes this cam a good choice from dusk till dawn; it will deliver high-quality photos for you. As for its size and weight, it’s another super small, extra light cam which is just perfect for travelers or hobby photographers.

Best DSLR camera for beginners

Nikon D3400

best dslr camera 2016 for intermediate

When you get more familiar with cameras especially DSLR cameras, you will realize that each year it’s more or less the same brands and same yet further developed new releases of older models are the ones who rock the most. Nikon’s D3400 is no exception from that.

Ever since D3200 appeared a couple of years back, this was among the most popular cameras for entry-level photographers. These features are all to be found in the new D3400 which is easy to use, cheap and quality-wise it’s perfect for new starters. Its value for price ratio is one of the best, and the further developed image quality are which make this camera so special.

New features include the Bluetooth Low Energy function that also means that the system of the camera also works with WiFi. Thanks to this, photo sharing is very easy, almost effortless.

The best DSLR cameras for intermediate users

Pentax K-70

best dlsr camera 2016 for pro

When it comes to high-profile intermediate cameras, the choice is not easy as to which one to feature first and second. We couldn’t help but took this very special Pentax model as our first choice, simply because it sports so many outstanding and unique features, which other cameras simply lack. And all is paired up with a very friendly price too.

The cam’s unique features include a bright pentaprism viewfinder, a twin-dial design and a very specific cover and construction that make this machine still the best choice for nature photographers who want to take pics even in extreme weather conditions. If you are such a photographer, we suggest you look into buying the weather sealed lenses by the way.

The burst performance is excellent when compared to other pro machines of the sort, for instance, there is an intelligent in-built resolution system and Pixel Shift Resolution functionality too. The camera has a tilt-shift LCD screen which makes for easy use. The battery life is bordering perfection, and the price is lower than what you would expect to pay for such a hi-tech DSLR camera.

Best DSLR camera 2015

Photography is a way of art, and as such, it requires lots of learning. Knowledge and years of exercising while experimenting with several types of cameras until you get to find the one or ones. Until you find the right one that’s perfect for you, depending on the way you want to take a photograph, the style of photo you want to take and the exact subject the photo is about.

In this day and age, the technology is at such a high level, that there are several great camera brands and types you can get to choose from. This time around we would like to introduce you to some of the top hits of both entry-level and intermediate DSLR cameras of 2015.

Best DSLR camera for beginners

Canon Rebel T6s

canon t6s best dslr camera

Of course, there is no year when we cannot pick a Canon as one of the best cameras to work with. The brand works with a fantastic quality ratio, and its Rebel line which started up with the T3 and rocked already back in 2012 has released its newest of its T line the T6. Some of the most distinctive features of this camera are that it’s not only easy to handle, but it also features a cozy, top-deck LCD screen paired up with a control dial at the back.  It has a 19 point AF system, and it features the brand’s highest resolution sensor an APS-C working on 24,2 Megapixels.

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The T6 also works perfectly in any light conditions, including the dark, flash free photos where so many cameras fail.  While the machine is great for a start its fine-tuned functionalities make it great also for the more advanced photographers.

Best DSLR cameras for new starters and professionals

Nikon D5500

nikon 5500 best dslr cameras

The Nikon D5500 was one of the biggest hits of 2015. While this cam is more suggested for intermediate level photographers than for beginners, its compact size and light weight make this machine capable of dealing with all sorts of photographic needs.

The key standout points of this camera are definitely it’s price-to-value rating as this is one of the very few pro cams one can get under 1000 USD. The extra high image quality and the outstanding performance it brings regarding ISO rating are great extras.

Other features of the Nikon D5500 include the extra fine autofocus and the burst performance capabilities which work on a 24-megapixel resolution rate. The start-up os fast and the battery performance is also outstanding.

Fujifilm X-T10

fuji x T10

This is a mirrorless camera and a very strong one featured by the Japanese camera -ace Fuji, which is among the top quality camera makers in Japan for a long time now. The X-T10 is relatively cheap for an intermediate camera.

The X-T10 is the further developed version of the brand’s world famous X-T1, and so they share several features. These include the obviously retro look and mechanical functions that go very well with the already computerized system the X-T10 is using.

Olympus E-PL6

olympus e-pl6

Here we are with another outstanding brand which released a special cam the E-PL6 which is the next in line for the brand’s E-PL series, the first of which was released back in 2012. Apart from its fantastic value –price ratio as this small yet very smart camera had the starting price at USD 300 only.

Among some of its key features we would like to underline the following:  Its resolution rate is 16,1  live MOS sensor Megapixels, it worked on both native and extended ISO up to 25600. The shooting speed is very fast, and the overall image quality is fantastic.

The autofocus is as punctual as ever, and its LCD also works as a touchscreen to make its handling even easier. This cam is perfect for the travelers, hobby photographers, and beginners all the same.

Panasonic GF7

panasonic gf7

Dubbed as the best mirrorless camera of 2015 Panasonic has made a great cam with the GF7. The company’s specialty is to make their cameras as small as possible, while making their performance and features highly professional at the same time and this version is no exception from that.

The GF7 sports several features which make it unique. Let’s include a couple of examples: super high resolution, a touch interface, extra fast shooting speed combined with a speedy startup, super sharp and fast autofocus abilities, as well as the color and sharpness of the photos. The price of this machine is very competitive for its capabilities as well.

DSLR camera for professionals

Pentax K-S2

This camera comes with a WiFi which makes this the brand’s very first WiFi edition. Other specific features include the retracting lenses, a fantastic clear glass pentaprism viewfinder, twin control dials and a very specific weather-sealing that makes this an especially withstanding machine when it comes to more extreme weather conditions.

The kit comes with two weather-sealed lenses for this very reason. The fact that this very special cam has the starting price of USD 500 only is another reason why this camera has quickly become one of the most popular choices among DSLR cameras in 2015.

Best DSLR Cameras 2014

Let’s take a look into the best DSLR cameras of the year 2014. This year was pretty much ground-breaking in the world of both hobby and professional photographers. Several major brands came out with some high-level improvements, such as the dual pixel focusing ability by Nikon and the full-frame cam of Sony whose A6000 was the first camera which contained this feature alongside the in-body image stabilization. 2014 was also the year when mirrorless technology was first introduced in the world of photography. Let’s see some of the key-players in terms of photography which really pushed the limits of high quality photo making.

Best 2014 entry level cameras for new-starters

Nikon D3200 and D3300

nikon 3200

Nikon 3200 was released before 2014 but was chosen to be one of the best DSLR cameras for the year especially for beginners for several reasons. This is a high quality camera which doesn’t come for a sky-high price and most importantly it is not specialized for any specific sorts of photographs.

It’s perfect for new-starters to try a professional camera and test its limits. The camera offers superb image quality thanks to its 24 pixel sensor. This allows photographers to shoot some extra high quality images also thanks to its laser-sharp autofocus and exposure metering qualities. All of these are great for those who want their first camera to be a real quality one, which works with them for years.

nikon d3300

Nikon 3200 got an upgrade as D3300, which was released in 2014. Nikon D3300 shares lots of qualities with its predecessor but it also introduces some key features which include a much speedier image processor (EXPEED 4) and a filter less sensor enabling an even sharper resolution. With the new carbon-fibre body this cam is lighter than the D3200. All in all, both the D3200 and the D3300 are a great choice for those who look for an overall great camera for start. As an important extra: it’s also really budget friendly, compared to its quality.

Nikon D610

nikon d610

Although there are plenty of cameras to choose from, we would really like to emphasise on the price-value features of this great little camera, Nikon D610, which is just perfect for beginners. The reasons for that include the fantastic full-frame qualities which can really introduce someone to the world of high quality photography. Thanks to its large sensors, the photo quality is impeccable. The 24 megapixel sensor makes sure, once you buy this camera and start experimenting, you won’t let go of it for a few years, that’s for sure. This camera, regardless of its high qualities also comes for a surprisingly decent price, which is another reason why it’s a great choice for new-starters.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 (also called 1200D)

t5 rebel camera

This is a real, fully professional camera which is just perfect for beginners, sporting dozens of useful features. This camera is great for travellers, hobby photographers and all those who would like to exercise professional photography. From among its top qualities we can emphasize on its 18 megapixel APS CMOS sensor, the DIGIC 4 processor. The cam sports a sensitivity range of ISO100 up to 6400 (further expandable up until ISO12800). The colour and the hue accuracy is also notable in this camera.

The autofocus is a 9 point system and there is an auto-select functionality, with which this camera has the ability to automatically choose the best settings for a chosen scene. This is intelligent Auto function which also has a specific guide included especially for beginners, to teach them how to use the camera. The T5 also sports an impressive LCD panel, a whopping 7 level brightness adjustment system and the video recording is 1080p. The value-for-price level of this cam is also above average.

Best 2014 camera for professionals

Pentax K3 DSLR

pentex dslr camera

We would like to welcome you in the world of professional cameras for seasoned photographers with this outstanding model the Pentax K3 which was a big hit when it was released and it’s still one of the best cameras out there still today.

This model sports so many outstanding features, they would be really hard to enlist altogether, so we try to focus on the key features this time around. These include the sensor-shift shake reduction mechanism, which allows for an auto-adjustment and extensive fine tuning features. Further options include the moiré-reducing filter that can even nullify the effects of the hands’ shaking.

As for the key features there is the 24 megapixel APC-C CMOS sensor with a PRIME III imaging processor. The ISO sensitivity is extra-high with its 51200 it makes this machine excellent for taking low-light and flash-free photos. Which of course doesn’t mean the cam does not in fact have its own flash when needed. Other extras include the hi-tech exposure control and a 86000 pixel RGB light-metering sensor that’s been named the Real-Time Analysis System.

The cam sports a Safox 11 autofocus that’s armed with 27 sensors and an extra wide light sensitivity range that’s between -3EV to 18EV. This machine was made to work in extreme weather conditions. It functions perfectly up to minus 10 degrees.

Best 2014 value for money camera

Sony A6000

sony a6000

There should be tons more cameras to enlist when we want to talk about the best pro cameras. But we cannot withhold ourselves from talking about the new Son A6000 which comes for an incredibly good price compared to its abilities and capabilities.

The cam’s opening price is USD 600. For this value you get a great mixture of pro features including a lightning-fast autofocus, incredibly high photo quality paired up with extra high resolution rate at a great dynamic rate. The video recording is also impressive. This camera is great for photographing moving objects or animals.

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