Best DSLR camera 2016

Here we are again, and this time around we would like to introduce you to some of the hottest picks of 2016. In fashion trends change all the time, and the world of photography is no exception from this rule either. In 2015, it was the premium compact type of DSLR cameras which took the palm. This kind of camera means a cam which is compact, small, easy to carry, easy to handle and still puts extra high-quality features on the table.

The best DSLR Camera 2016 in Premium Compact range

Sony RX100 V

sony rx100 best dslr camera

This is a further refined version of the worldwide popular RX100 which was the first real premium compact camera that has been released back in 2012. It seems the RX has virtually no rivals on the market. Not just pure quality paired up with its pocket-sized size, also its price for its quality which makes this machine so outstanding.

Some of the top features include the super high performance, a 315 phase detection autofocus pixels, super-high 4K resolution and color ratio. The front-end LSI chip, the 25 contrast detection AF system and its 24 frame/second burst rate all make this camera just outstanding. No wonder the RX100 is one fan favorite among both the new starters and the hobby photographers.

Panasonic LX10

panasonic lumix dmc lx10

The competition for releasing the best Premium Compact cam was very strong in 2016. This is exactly why Panasonic decided to release its super updated compact camera, which went into competition with the likes of the legendary RX100 and the extra developed G7X of Canon.

This cam is indeed so competitive that it’s very hard to distinguish quality-wise from the other two cameras. The features which make this camera stand out from the crowd include a 20 MP 1” type sensor paired up with 2,8, f/1.4  fast-built lens, super high photo quality, 4K resolution rate coupled with a fantastic 4K UHD video recording functionality and further photo modes.

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Canon G7X

canon g7x mark ll

Now, that we talked about it above, there is no way we don’t say a few words of this specialty cam, which is Canon’s reply for the RX100. This camera features excellent imaging qualities, works with a high-performance battery and processor and it’s f/1.8- 2.8 lenses make it perfect for taking photos just anywhere, anytime.

It’s not a just quality the G7X sports, it’s also the extra speedy performance, including burst performance and AF speed. The high ISO rate makes this cam a good choice from dusk till dawn; it will deliver high-quality photos for you. As for its size and weight, it’s another super small, extra light cam which is just perfect for travelers or hobby photographers.

Best DSLR camera for beginners

Nikon D3400

best dslr camera 2016 for intermediate

When you get more familiar with cameras especially DSLR cameras, you will realize that each year it’s more or less the same brands and same yet further developed new releases of older models are the ones who rock the most. Nikon’s D3400 is no exception from that.

Ever since D3200 appeared a couple of years back, this was among the most popular cameras for entry-level photographers. These features are all to be found in the new D3400 which is easy to use, cheap and quality-wise it’s perfect for new starters. Its value for price ratio is one of the best, and the further developed image quality are which make this camera so special.

New features include the Bluetooth Low Energy function that also means that the system of the camera also works with WiFi. Thanks to this, photo sharing is very easy, almost effortless.

The best DSLR cameras for intermediate users

Pentax K-70

best dlsr camera 2016 for pro

When it comes to high-profile intermediate cameras, the choice is not easy as to which one to feature first and second. We couldn’t help but took this very special Pentax model as our first choice, simply because it sports so many outstanding and unique features, which other cameras simply lack. And all is paired up with a very friendly price too.

The cam’s unique features include a bright pentaprism viewfinder, a twin-dial design and a very specific cover and construction that make this machine still the best choice for nature photographers who want to take pics even in extreme weather conditions. If you are such a photographer, we suggest you look into buying the weather sealed lenses by the way.

The burst performance is excellent when compared to other pro machines of the sort, for instance, there is an intelligent in-built resolution system and Pixel Shift Resolution functionality too. The camera has a tilt-shift LCD screen which makes for easy use. The battery life is bordering perfection, and the price is lower than what you would expect to pay for such a hi-tech DSLR camera.