With Michael Jordan finally retiring for the last time

But Nike was the giant of the industry, and they had been watching James just as closely for two years. With Michael Jordan finally retiring for the last time, the pressure on Nike to develop another hit signature star was growing. They hired Maverick Carter, three years older than James and a former high school teammate.

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Players now have the ability to create and customize their own Skylander. They can choose the class of their character and there are several classes that include: Smasher, Knight, Bow Slinger, Ninja, Bazooker, Quicks Shot, Sorcerer, Brawler, Sentinel, and Swashbuckler. They can also choose the look of their character, their powers, and personality.

Just when you’ve hit the worst of your post holiday sugar crash, it may be time to swap out the Christmas tree for palm trees. At the Aruba Marriott Resort Stellaris Casino in Palm Beach, you can receive a free three night stay if you book your vacation on Cyber Monday. Guests who purchase three consecutive nights at the hotel receive the next three consecutive nights totally free.

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